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Restore our earth 2021

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day was a unique of its kind. In the light of coronavirus outbreak, Earth Day 2020 was the first digital Earth Day in history. Earth Day Network (EDN) taught individuals, organizations, students and governments new virtual methods and techniques to take environmental actions. The Network will carry on building such a momentum leading the efforts to Restore Our Earth 2021.    


Throughout the last decade, Earth Day Network organized countless green activities and built remarkable partnerships in each country of Middle East, North Africa South and Central Asia regions.

EDN eliminated all the challenges during the Arab Spring and arranged many environmental workshops in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Those events engaged local officials, NGOs, environmental activists and more.

Despite the sectarian conflict in Iraq, EDN mobilized all schools throughout the country to honor Earth Day taking advantage of EDN’s Toolkit and lesson plans. Furthermore, EDN motivated the Ministry of Education in Oman to call upon all its schools in the Sultanate for environmental actions.

Not only, but also Morocco, Sudan, Israel, Palestine, UAE, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Pakistan show case real action to save our mother Earth.


Earth Day is a unique opportunity to again create a catalytic moment that will advance real solutions and protect the environment for ourselves and future generations.

Throughout the MENA region we see problematic environmental issues like climate change, deforestation, improper waste management, desertification, water pollution and land degradation due to human activity. There is an increase in drought, monsoons, flooding and food insecurity.

This has threatened the livelihood of people, species and ecosystems. We are calling on everyday citizens to rise up and come together to engage the public, educate people about the environment, and act to make positive and sustainable changes to protect the earth that we all live on. Earth Day is not a day, but a movement.

You can be a part of Restore Our Earth 2021

In conjunction with youth climate groups, EDN is organizing mobilizations around the world with sister marches in hundreds of cities. Clergy across the globe, inspired by the youth climate movement, are engaging in worship services that bring creation care themes and the moral imperative to act on climate change to the forefront.

EDN is also creating millions of avenues for civic engagement in the Middle East and North Africa countries and working with decision-makers, including policy makers, local, regional and national governments and corporate sector leaders, to reach a diverse network of citizens around the world.

Education is the key to progress. The environmental education has been the fuel of the movement since first Earth Day 1970. Teach-ins empowers individuals and communities with knowledge to take action and promote sustainable solutions. It also create a platform for students and educators in the Middle East to always learn new methods and techniques to tackle local environmental issues and engaging in possible resolutions. Earth Day Network develops various downloadable, customizable resources to advancing all efforts to Restore Our Earth 2021.
The Network will also include Vote Earth initiative that aims to mobilize thousands of people in the region to demonstrate their concern for our planet by rejecting inaction and demanding change at the polls.

Earth Day Network is working to grow the environmental movement among the next generation of leaders – college students.
MobilizeU is bringing the environmental education efforts to university and college campuses around the world.

Citizen Science enlists members of the public to help conduct scientific research to meet real-world goals. Earth Day Network (EDN), The U.S. Department of State, and The Wilson Center are launching Earth Challenge as the world’s biggest ever coordinated citizen science campaign.

EC will collaborate with existing citizen science projects as well as build capacity for new ones as part of a larger effort to grow citizen science worldwide. EC2020 will become a nexus for collecting illustration of data observations in areas including air quality, water quality, biodiversity, and human health to strengthen the links between science, the environment, and public citizens.

The Great Global Cleanup is campaign in the Middle East and North Africa region to remove thousands of pieces of trash from neighborhoods, beaches, rivers, lakes, trails, and parks reducing waste and plastic pollution, improving habitats, and preventing harm to wildlife and humans.

Since 1970, the endeavor for moral, religious, and justice issues has become inextricably linked to the protection of our environment. EDN has engaged faith partners world-wide through a variety of campaigns.

From organizing an interfaith dialogue on climate change between Christian, Jewish, and Muslim clergy, working with India’s Sikh community to reduce plastic consumption and waste in their temples, to our work with the Vatican, Earth Day Network is committed to further engaging communities of faith for Earth Day 2021.

Artists for the Earth is a collaborative campaign for artists that are using the power of their art to heighten awareness, increase relevance in everyday lives, mobilize action and illuminate the pathway to change for our planet and hope for the future.

Contact the Earth Day MENA Office

For all MENA inquiries, contact Rusul Al Shihab, Direct for Earth Day in Middle East and North Africa region: [email protected]  

What can you do

Help build the largest, most diverse global mobilization in defense of the environment.

EDN will feature and highlight the actions of all groups and individuals working on Earth Day activities through media outlets in the US and social media platforms leading up to, on and after Earth Day 2021.

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