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What is The Great Global Cleanup?

EARTHDAY.ORG (EDO) is focused on accelerating solutions to combat plastic pollution by activating governments, citizens, and businesses to do their part– everyone accounted for, everyone accountable. It’s YOUR turn to make a difference, starting with organizing or joining a community cleanup. Cleanups are a fun and easy way to amplify your impact on Earth Day and every day.


Embark on Michael Karapetian’s journey to Yerevan, Armenia, where he aims to engage in cleanup activities and rediscover his cultural heritage.

My Green Pod – Earth Day 2024 Special Issue

PLANET VS PLASTICS It’s time to clean up our planet – EARTHDAY.ORG reveals how you can help

Global Cleanup Events

Navigate the EARTHDAY.ORG ‘Global Map of Events’ to effortlessly register your cleanup or discover nearby initiatives – simply input your location and explore a world of impactful opportunities.

This map is currently set to display the impact of Earth Month 2024. To find and attend upcoming events, please adjust the date setting in the menu below.

Click the points on the web map to learn more about the events going on around the world. Use the search bar to zoom in and see events near you.

Nominate yourself for the “IESA Earth Day Great Global Cleanup Heroes’ Awards”

The IESA EARTH DAY Great Global Cleanup Heroes Awards is a prestigious competition organized by Earth Day Network India (EDN) in partnership with the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) and Emerging Technology News (ETN). It aims to develop leadership for mobilizing people around cleanups and sensitizing them about plastic pollution. This award recognizes, celebrates, and honors groups and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional creativity, dedication, and success in cleaning up various environments to keep our planet clean.


Why Participate In the Great Global Cleanup?

Partnership Opportunities

A partnership with The Great Global Cleanup means you will be involved year round in the work our organization does. You will have a platform when Earth Day comes around each April. This will mean a partnership with our activities for World Cleanup Day and engagement with partners such as Let’s Do It World and National CleanUp Day. We are forming a coalition of like minded organizations and individuals committed to achieving our mutual goals of protecting our environment through community outreach and networking.


You have access to the digital global map that showcases your cleanups and allows you to view cleanups globally. You will also have access to toolkits, cleanup competitions, participation in social media campaigns, access to tailor made toolkits, and be able to participate in webinars and Earth Day Live sessions.

Amplify Your Voice

Individual or organizational efforts can be amplified on our website and social channels through storytelling, sharing media content and showcasing best practices and success stories.

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