End Plastic Pollution

End Plastics

EARTHDAY.ORG™ is changing human attitudes about and behavior toward  plastics and reducing plastic pollution. The End Plastic Pollution campaign helps people understand the impacts of plastic pollution on human and ecosystem health and how everyday actions can lessen the problem. 

The campaign draws attention to the harmful effects of plastic in our environment — harming marine and human health, littering beaches and landscapes, clogging waste streams and landfills — and empowers people to make a difference.  

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Our world needs to come together to curb our use of plastics. Sign the petition and share with others.

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Increasing awareness is the first step toward making more informed decisions in our lives. Through toolkits, calculators and other resources, EARTHDAY.ORG provides instruction on how to cut plastic use and create a healthier world. 

Support The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act

For too long we’ve allowed the crisis that is plastic pollution and the industry that supports it to harm our waterways, our wildlife and our neighborhoods.

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Unfortunately, single-use plastics are so prevalent that trying to avoid them can seem hopeless. That’s why our campaign also focuses on systematic problems of plastic use, including the large-scale sources of plastic. 

End Plastic Pollution informs policymakers and contributes to the international discussion on plastic pollution and its causes, including pushing for national legislation and corporate commitments. EARTHDAY.ORG also engages with and informs a global network of NGOs, grassroots organizations, campus youth, mayors and other local elected leaders, faith leaders, artists and athletes, and students and teachers. 

The End Plastic Pollution campaign elevates the issue of plastic pollution in the global agenda and demands effective action to reduce and control it.

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Research on plastic pollution

Impacts of plastics on the endocrine system
Extending Nontargeted Discovery of Environmental Chemical Exposures during Pregnancy and Their Association with Pregnancy Complications—A Cross-Sectional Study
This is a report from a non-profit called the Minderoo Foundation. There is currently one study from 2021 that highlights what companies are most responsible for plastic pollution
This article discusses why and how pollution is the largest environmental cause of death and how it is dangerous to human health.
This article reviews the relevent animal research that suggests microplastics affect semen quality and male fertility.
Impacts of plastics on the digestive system
This scientific research article reports how macro and micro plastic within the ocean are reducing the skelatal growth rates of coral due to the high levels of micro plastics in the ocean
Weather forecasters have started adding another factor to their daily forecasts: plastic rain
Many analyses out of the data shown in the charts showing the impact on wildlife, humans, china’s export ban, how high-income countries generate more plastic waste and where the pastic in the ocean comes from
This study tested feeding sea urchins a non plastic pellet and one containing plastic and measured the quality of life and life span of sea urchins on both.
Impacts of plastics on the respiratory system
Article researches the lungs of different species of bird in Japan to study what amount of microplastics birds ingest from the air.
The article discusses why and how pollution is the largest environmental cause of death and how it is dangerous to human health.
Plastic burning is more common than people think and this is effecting the environment through the air and human health.
This article talks about the effects plastics have on Prochlorococcus growth and photosynthetic capacity.
Impacts of plastics on the lymphatic system
This book discusses the negatives of plastic and how it effects human health, highlighting the production of plastic and the hazardous chemicals and the environmental impacts from selling plastic.
This is an extensive report that breaks down every part of the plastic life cycle from extraction to waste management.
This is essentially a summary of the report that the CIEL made. It’s valuable because the report is around 70 pages, so this is more accessible.
The CIEL report in infographic format.
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Always carry a reusable bag

Always carry a reusable bag

Although they are billed for their “convenience,” grocery bags are extremely inconvenient for the planet.

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Add reusable eating utensils to your everyday carry

Add reusable eating utensils to your everyday carry

Many of us live our lives on-the-go these days. In a busy world, we don’t…

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Join a Cleanup

Join a Cleanup

Ready to take the first step in protecting our planet? There’s no better way to…

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