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Throughout Africa, we see environmental issues like climate change, deforestation, improper waste management and desertification. These issues have led to an increase in climate change-related catastrophes such as droughts, flooding and wildfires. This climate crisis is threatening the livelihood of the people, species and ecosystems all across Africa.

We are calling on everyday citizens to digitally rise up and come together to engage the public, educate people about the environment, and act to make positive and sustainable changes to protect Africa and our planet for this Earth Day.

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day has the ambition of becoming the largest environmental movement across Africa. Although the environmental challenges are immense, individuals have the power to unite and build a movement that is impossible to ignore. Please see our digital toolkit below to help you get started with events.

EARTHDAY.ORG – Africa currently has staff members in 9 different sub-Saharan countries including Kenya, Tanzania, The Gambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger and Senegal.

This is a grassroots campaign being led from the bottom-up by volunteers. People from all over Africa are challenged to come together, form networks and establish Earth Day campaigns that best suit the needs of their communities. We are working with youth groups, schools, universities, non-profits, faith-based organizations, women’s groups, conservation/environmental organizations, businesses and government bodies. The key is to form networks and partner with one another to develop celebrations for Earth Day!



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