Climate Action

Groups in Yemen fight climate change

Yemen is one of the countries most affected by climate change, culminating in everything from shifting seasons and unpredictable rainfall to soaring temperatures and fiercer, more frequent hurricanes.

Through its partnerships, Earth Day Network – Middle East mobilizes the region to face these environmental challenges. Earth Day Network’s partner, the Ibdaa Foundation for Environment and Sustainable Development, is one of these organizations fighting climate change in Yemen.  

“As long as we live on this Earth, it is … our duty to fight climate change and save our planet,” said Yaser Baazab, president of the Ibdaa Foundation.

Last week, Ibdaa led a youth cleanup for Earth Day 2020, in connection with Earth Day Network’s Great Global Cleanup campaign. The initiative targeted beaches in and around the city of Aden. Ibdaa also recently arranged a workshop called “Gender and Climate Change” that discussed the role of women in sustainable development and environmental education.

Another workshop, titled “Climate Change and Its Effect on Environment,” emphasized environmental laws and policy reforms. The event, also held in Aden, was attended by environmental experts, educators, local officials, youth and college representatives.

Additionally, Ibdaa is working with the education office in Abyan Province to organize an environmental education campaign focused on student awareness for the Earth Day Teach-in movement. Each session is followed by a cleanup.

Protecting our environment is everyone’s responsibility. Earth Day Network and its partners around the world fight against climate change and raise our voice for the Earth. Learn more at our environmental education page and our Great Global Cleanup campaign.