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Artists for the Earth


Artists for the Earth® is a global campaign to connect with arts organizations and artists everywhere in order to engage the public with the critical issues of the environment. Art has the power to reach people personally, establishing a deeper understanding and emotional connection with what is happening to our planet.

Artists for the Earth will display works of art centered on the environment, enlist educators to integrate arts programming about the environment into their curricula, leverage social media to expand its reach, and generate a global conversation about climate change.

By supporting the community that art creates, Artists for the Earth will help build consensus, the will to effect change and the inspiration to act to protect the Earth.



Sign up to be an Artist for the Earth

– Invite artists engaged with the environment to your school, township, house of worship or business to exhibit their work or teach a workshop.

– Create a short film about Earth Day or the environment.

– Locate a building through the City or Parks Department, enlist artists and the public to paint a mural that inspires hope for a green future.

– Design an Earth Day poster and exhibit it in a public space.

– If you are a composer, write a song about Earth Day or an environmental issue. Send us a link to it.

– If you are a community leader, sponsor a concert in your area with any proceeds donated to local environmental concerns.

– If you are a teacher or administrator in a school, assist students in putting on an art show

– Participate in the Great Global Cleanup™ and create a trash to art workshop.

– Practice sustainability in your artwork.

– See Learning Through Art for more suggestions

Never underestimate the power of art to make a difference and help protect nature! In 2015, over 6000 letters, many with accompanying artwork, were sent to Florida legislators asking for support to restore Crystal River and help its beloved inhabitants: the manatees. The effort resulted in $1.6M of funds, and a full restoration effort to clean the riverbed and bring manatees home. You can learn more about that story in “Wild Hope: Return of the Manatee” at WildHope.TV.

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