Artists for the earth

Learning through art

Art is a medium that has the power to capture attention, inform an audience, and move people to action.

Using art as a way to communicate can provide students with the opportunity to express their hopes and concerns while developing new skills and flexing their creativity.

Boy´s face full of colorful paint

Art also serves to bring people in a community together to have discussions about what thoughts or feelings are brought up on the subject, and what actions they can take to make a positive impact.

Environmental art can be informational and emotive and can take form as a short film, community mural, reclaimed trash sculpture, living art displays and so much more.

Invite your students to work on projects that represent issues local to their community and issues that impact people around the world.

Are you an Artists for the Earth?
Share your art projects with us!


  • Create an art project with recycled materials.
  • Invite local artists to exhibit in your school or teach a workshop.
  • Nature photography workshop and exhibit.
  • Short film creation project and screening event.
  • Paint a mural on your building that inspires hope for a green future.
  • Create an Earth Day poster contest.
  • Participate in the Great Global Cleanup™ and create a trash to art workshop.
  • Sponsor a Poetry contest or a host a Poetry Slam.
  • Participate in one of our environmental journalism contests.


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