Plastic and Pollution

The Great Global Cleanup


In collaboration with partners across the nation and the globe – including National Cleanup Day, Keep America Beautiful, World Cleanup Day and Let’s Do It World – Earth Day Network is building Earth’s largest cleanup crew.

Launched for Earth Day 2019, the Great Global Cleanup is Earth Day Network’s flagship volunteer program, a worldwide campaign committed to removing billions of pieces of trash from neighborhoods, beaches, rivers, lakes, trails and parks. Through this global effort, cleanups reduce waste and plastic pollution, improve habitats, prevent harm to wildlife and humans and even lead to larger environmental action. 

Signs of plastic pollution are everywhere. Overflowing trash cans and littered streams and green spaces degrade our natural environment. Through the Great Global Cleanup, Earth Day Network advocates for both structural and individual change when it comes to pollution, promoting policies that reduce pollution and encouraging people everywhere to take individual actions that reduce waste.

When it comes to volunteering in your own community, the Great Global Cleanup offers toolkits, resources and knowledge for businesses, universities and organizations. People of all backgrounds can create tangible and immediate change united around a common cause: cleaning up out-of-control waste. 

Girl picking up trash.

The Great Global Cleanup also benefits from participant-collected data — alongside mobile registration, digital mapping and social media — that help build a better understanding of the sources, scope and solutions to the litter problem.

Improved health, strong investments and positive growth can be achieved once people expect their community will be clean. Let’s make these clean communities together.

The Great Global Cleanup™ Resources

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  • Download our End Plastic Pollution Primer and Action Toolkit.
  • Use our plastic calculator to track how much plastic you use.

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