Artists for the earth

Art and Science

Climate change, pollution, collapsing eco-systems, and species annihilation – these are present scientific realities that challenge the existence we take for granted.

Fortunately, Science and Art are no longer strange bedfellows. Many artists sensitive to the changes in the natural world have become some of the strongest voices and activists for the planet by collaborating with scientists.

In doing so, sculptors, painters, photographers, architects and mixed media artists are reporting their vision and communicating what is so difficult to get across – the immensity of climate change which seems overwhelming, and what is personal to each and every one.


Conceptual art gives priority to the idea and meaning within the artwork presented. Conceptual art may incorporate photography, videos, text, and performance and include everyday or “found” objects. Although the works of conceptual artists that focus on the environment lie outside traditional forms, they are able to deliver powerful messages.


Multimedia art is an artwork that uses technology in a combinations which could include video, film, audio and computers. It is an innovative discipline that unifies a range of art forms and unveils a contemporary dimension in a novel way. It works extremely well at the intersection of art, science and technology. It is especially powerful in engaging the public with the concepts of environmental science.

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