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The earliest humans used music to express feelings and ideas about their common experiences in the natural environment they shared. Music was a tool to ensure survival through cooperation.

This spirit of cooperation is alive today. Whether in orchestras, folk music, hip hop, reggae, rap or rock, music allows us to build bridges across countries, cultures and continents and share messages that bind and make cohesive a sense of community and understanding of our shared concerns.

Today, music helps to bring us together in our collective concern for the environment and the future of our planet.


Perhaps no other art expresses a narrative as viscerally as dance. With vibrant visual enactments and symbolic gestures, the dancers’ movements resonate with audiences, compelling them to decipher the meaning and grasp the message.

Touched by the emotive aspects of the dance, audiences can be moved and their understanding lead to deeper engagement with climate change. Around the world, dancers and choreographers are collaborating to get across the story of the environment and to build momentum for positive change.


The intent of Theatre from the time of the ancient Greeks was to mirror society through dramatic action.  As the conflict is played out, an audience sees itself portrayed, its emotions become engaged and it is challenged to reflect on the action.

Confronted today with the most dramatic and fundamental conflict that exists – many notable plays are being written and performed as playwrights, directors and theatres coalesce around the problem of the environment and climate change. 

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