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In the early 21st Century, the term Conservation Photography was coined as photographers began to focus on the enormous changes happening to ecosystems, indigenous peoples, and the animal and plant life inextricably linked to them.

Today, conservation photographers are working in conjunction with biological and social scientists who share the same concerns and the hope of exposing their discoveries to the public.  Their images tell stories about the peoples, animals and plants that have no voice.  In them lie the inspiration for change and our hope for the future.

Witness: Defining Conservation Photography Feature from Neil Ever Osborne.


Today the most compelling of all films about the environment are documentaries, especially when stories personalize them.  Subjects in a documentary become characters in a narrative representing real experiences that audiences can understand and identify with. Further, powerful visual images in documentaries elicit emotional responses by putting the viewer in the position of eye-witness.


Climate change is the fundamental design problem of our time.  Not style, not fees, not education, not community, not health, not justice. All other concerns, many of them profoundly important, are nonetheless ancillary.

The threat climate change poses is existential, and buildings are hugely complicit—even more so than that stock culprit, the automobile.


As the world moves to cities, so does art. 

There is art for aesthetics, and there is art with meaning.  The same goes for street art – some are just doodles, while others discuss pressing global issues.  Street art uses simple slogans and provocative, compelling images to cover essential ideas about global warming in ways that are easy to remember.

These techniques can inspire people to take action or at least remind them about important issues that they may have forgotten.

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