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Middle East and North Africa

Honoring Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary, Demand for Climate Action.

Earth Day Network has tremendous efforts in defending our environment in the Middle East and North Africa region. Throughout the years, EDN organized thousands of environmental activities includes but not limited to billion acts of green, cleanup campaigns, educational seminars, civic engagement and policy makers involvement.

As the world marks Earth Day 50th Anniversary, EDN continues its efforts calling for immediate action across MENA countries to save our plant. EDN already on the ground working side by side with partners demanding for climate actions.

This year, EDN launching Earth Challenge 2020 as the world’s biggest citizen science campaign ever. During this campaign, we will collect billions of observations in areas including air quality, water quality, biodiversity, human health, and pollution to strengthen the links between science, the environment, and society.

EDN also building Earth’s largest cleanup team around the world. The Great Global Cleanup™ of MENA is a  campaign to remove thousands of pieces of trash from neighborhoods, beaches, rivers, lakes, trails, and parks reducing waste and plastic pollution, improving habitats, and preventing harm to wildlife and humans.

The Global Teach-in is another EDN campaign for Earth Day 2020. It will engage more than 500 million students around the globe. EDN will provide teachers and students from Middle East and North Africa with innovative new science-based climate literacy curriculum for use in the classroom and to share with members of their communities.

In addition, EDN will engage thousands of museums, orchestras, theaters, performers, authors, and artists from the Arab-Speaking countries. Also, EDN will launch a Vote Earth initiative that aims to mobilize thousands of people in MENA region to demonstrate their concern for our planet by rejecting inaction and demanding change at the polls.


For any question about Earth Day 2020 campaign in the Middle East and North Africa Region, please contact Rusul Al Shihab [email protected]


Earth Day Network organized numerous green activities and built remarkable partnerships in each country of Middle East and North Africa. EDN eliminated the all the challenges during the Arab Spring and conducted many environmental workshops in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Those events engaged local officials, NGOs, environmental activists and more. Despite the sectarian conflict in Iraq, EDN mobilized all schools throughout the country in honor of Earth Day taking advantage of EDN’s Toolkit and lesson plans. Also, EDN motivated the Ministry of Education in Oman to call all its schools throughout the Sultanate for environmental actions. Not only, but also Morocco, Sudan, Israel, Palestine, UAE show case of green act to save our mother Earth.