Our Campaigns

Create Change with Earth Day Network

All of Earth Day Network’s campaigns, whether protecting forests, registering new voters or greening cities, help create a greener, more sustainable future. You can get involved now to make your mark in the urgent fight against climate change.

All Campaigns

We work on the ground with local organizers and with policy experts to protect communities and develop solutions for climate change and sustainability issues.

Athletes for the Earth®

We call on athletes to act as ambassadors for the planet in the fight against climate change.

Global Environmental and Climate Literacy Campaign

Our Commitment to Students by Earth Day 2020

MobilizeU for Higher Education

We’re bringing the environmental movement to college campuses

Global Day of Conversation

Campaign for Communities Engages with Mayors and Local Officials

Panchayat Leadership in India

Harnessing the power of women to effect real change

Women and Girls in Leadership

Supporting the rise of women in the environmental movement

India Faces Climate Change

Millions of Indians are feeling the effects of droughts, floods, heat waves and polluted air

What Should We Do to Take Part?

The cost and consequences of inaction are too high to risk

Climate Change Science and Basics

The undeniable truth about climate change

Faith & the Environment

Green Ribbon Schools Award

Department of Education’s first initiative for greening public and private schools

The Importance of Green Schools

Greening every school in America within a generation

The Story of Climate Change

The first of its kind, interactive digital textbook for middle school students

Climate Education Week

Easy-to-use climate science 101 for your K-12 students

National Civic Education Project

Personal responsibility creates the democratically active citizenry we need

Save the Whales While We Still Can

These iconic species face threats across the oceans

Protect the Asian Elephant

Bring Asian elephants back from endangerment in India

National School Lunch Week

National School Lunch Week October 10–14, 2016

Stop the Extinction of the Wild Rhinoceros

Your actions today can make a difference

The Canopy Project

The Canopy Project plants trees to help communities around the world

Registering Millions of Climate Voters

Take action by organizing and mobilizing the vote

Green Your City From the Ground Up

Activate your city and put it on the map