Conservation and Restoration

Conservation and Biodiversity

“In nature, nothing exists alone.”

— Rachel Carson, 1962

Through climate change, humans have irrevocably upset the balance of nature — now, species are undergoing the greatest extinction rate in more than 60 million years. If we don’t act now, extinction may be humanity’s most enduring legacy. 

The Conservation and Biodiversity program amplifies and accelerates transformative societal change to restore and protect biodiversity. In a future committed to protecting both wildlife and humanity, this preservation of biodiversity is one of the many solutions to the climate crisis. 

All living things have an intrinsic value, and each plays a unique role in the complex web of life. The rate of extinction can still be slowed. Many of our declining, threatened and endangered species can still recover if we work together now to build a united global movement of consumers, voters, educators, faith leaders and scientists to demand immediate action.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ”

— Chief Seattle, 1854

The Conservation and Biodiversity program educates and raises awareness about the accelerating rate of extinction of millions of species and the causes and consequences of this phenomenon. The program seeks to build a global movement that embraces nature and its values and encourage individual actions such as adopting plant based diets and stopping pesticide and herbicide use.

One way the program achieves its goals is through a diverse network of partners. Targeting boots-on-the-ground activism, the program guides organizations to increase ambition and grow public participation in species and biodiversity conservation in their respective regions.

Climate change threatens the stability of ecosystems around the world. Nature’s gifts to our planet are the millions of species that we know and love, and many more that remain to be discovered. The Conservation and Biodiversity program allows people to explore and connect with nature around them and helps establish a care ethic to make positive decisions for the environment.



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The species below are all currently endangered or vulnerable with populations declining into endangerment. In January, the public voted to determine which 10 of 30 candidate species would inform and direct EARTHDAY.ORG’s conservation efforts across 2020. With 2020 marking the last year in the decade of biodiversity, EARTHDAY.ORG’s umbrella species and ecosystems will provide a rallying point for their ecosystems and our global conservation initiatives.

We will collaborate with partners conducting on the ground work to spotlight these incredible critters and the families they belong to, in addition to addressing the threats they face, and how you can help save them.

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