Arts for the Earth

Arts for the Earth™ is an innovative education program developed to teach sustainability and environmental education through museum and arts community networks. Our goals for Arts for the Earth are:

  • To promote best practices in sustainability within the extensive arts and museum communities
  • To work with our arts and educator networks to develop creative lesson plans that deliver environmental education through the arts
  • To feature artists who have incorporated environmental themes into their works


Arts for the Earth Programs

Greening Museums and Art Venues

Program Goals for Museum and Art Venue Administrators:

  • Engage the public through environmental programming
  • Take measures to promote environmental sustainability within your museum or art venue and reduce your institution's carbon footprint
  • Publicize the above goals to your patrons, supporters and the public at large

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Arts-related Sustainability Education

Program Goals:

  • Increase environmental education oppportunities using multi-disciplinary arts-based programming
  • Encourage schools and after-school programs to develop Earth Day programs and events
  • Develop more arts-based environmental curricula

To learn more about each of the above goals and to view arts-based lesson plans and programming ideas click here