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Earth Day is going digital. You can be a part of it here.

On Earth day, April 22, 2020, we will face two crises: One is immediate from a pandemic and the other is slowly building as a disaster for our climate.

We can, will, and must solve both challenges. The world was not prepared for a coronavirus. Leaders ignored hard science and delayed critical actions. We still have time to prepare — in every part of the world — for the climate crisis.

EARTHRISE is how we set a new global standard on Earth Day 2020. We must act together to say that global disaster must never happen again; we must not make the same mistakes twice.

This page has the tools for you to build towards a world-changing Earth Day. On its 50th anniversary, Earth Day will return to its roots from 1970: Placing environmental progress among the best ways to improve our world.

Thanks to heroic actions around the world, we will overcome and recover from the coronavirus. Life will return to normal, but we must not allow the return to business as usual. Our planet — our future — depends on it. Find inspiration here to take action, read other stories, and add your voice to the map. As we overcome this immediate crisis, we will tell the world that we are ready to solve the next one.

You can start taking action right now on this page. Scroll through to learn more, and add your action to the map below. You can add actions that you create yourself, too.

Be ambitious! Earth Day is not a time for small ideas. Take time to read other actions on the map below, browse this page, and think about how you want to make a difference.

The more people take action, the more change we’ll see. You can grow your impact in two ways: Posting to the map and spreading the word.

1. Add to the map. Show that you’re a part of the movement by recording your action. Inspire others, talk about lessons learned, and let the world know that you’re taking a way forward.

2. Spread the word. Bring in your friends and family to join you! The most important thing you do may be to get others involved. Reach out to a family member looking to take action, or a student who you want to engage. Start small with a goal of three people, and see how many you can reach!


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Add your voice, event, or action to a map of support


Organize (and register!) a digital event for Earth Day or a physical one later


Be a part of Earth Challenge 2020, the world’s largest citizen science effort


Find at-home, digital Acts of Green to support a better planet


Spread the word to your social networks to build the movement


Read about our campaigns, download images and posters, and keep up with Earth Day news

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Advocate for people and planet

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Plan and register something for the planet

Online gatherings have briefly become the new normal. Classes, concerts and religious gatherings, to name a few, are going online. Earth Day is the largest global event to make the shift online since the start of this outbreak. Luckily, we’re more connected than ever. Besides the personal actions you can take on this page, you can still bring together groups online to advocate for our shared planet.

Read through the rest of this section to learn ways to digitally organize along with standard event-planning advice. The only way to improve the world is to bring people together and work hard; Earth Day is your next chance to do that.

This can be the easiest part—use who you have already! Invite friends, family, and coworkers to an evening meeting to assign some roles and think about Step Two.

Choosing roles will make your next steps much easier.

The three basic roles of an Earth Day event are: Outreach (getting the word out), Organizing (giving structure to the event) and Logistics (handling setup, equipment and finances)

The topic of Earth Day 2020 is climate action. Your action can take a lot of forms. Not sure of the right topic? Read our Climate Discussion Kit below for ideas.

Your event type should match what your community needs and what your team wants to do. If local health guidelines recommend against gatherings, think about the platform that can best reach your audience. If everyone has internet access, a video call could be great. If internet connections are an issue, think about an action taken at a specific time, like planting trees or calling elected officials.

Earth Day Network has tools to help you plan almost anything. browse earthday.org to check out your options.

Earth Day is Wednesday April 22, but you can hold events at any point that week or in April! You’ll need…

…A time (morning, afternoon, or evening)
…A place (at home, a streaming service, or a video call platform)
…The main point of contact (this can be a general email like earthday2020[your city]@gmail.com)
…and the major details that people should know. Once you have those, register the event on the Earth Day map and calendar. If you have to make any edits later, email [email protected]rg with the changes.

More than one billion people participated in the last Earth Day. So don’t worry — you have an audience out there. Let them know they can participate by sending the message on a few platforms:

1. Post events on the Earth Day map and calendar. The first place where people go to find an Earth Day event is earthday.org. Make sure that yours is there.

2. Share within your network. Post to every social media account and ask your other organizers to do the same. When someone agrees to come, ask them to invite your friends! You don’t have to call to invite every attendee. Ask your attendees to do it for you.

3. Get some coverage. Ask for help from groups that can reach your audience: Your local newspaper could write an article, politicians like your mayor or city hall could announce the event, or if you’re a student, school administrators could send out an email to the student body. You don’t have to build your own list — ask for help from the people who already have one.

Have you planned the basics and gathered your team? Then get people excited!

The best way to grow the event is to recruit local leaders. Elected officials, popular teachers, or respected community members can be the “face” of your event. Remember, you don’t have to build everything from scratch. Use existing structures of trust, popularity and expertise to make your event a success.

Modern technology is good, but not perfect. If you’re using a video chat, a livestream tool, a social media platform, or something else, take some time to test its limits and find best practices. Ask yourself and your team these questions:

– How many people can participate at once, and for how long?
– How will you moderate content? (Tip: it’s a good idea to have at least one person assigned to answering questions, sharing links, and removing posts if necessary)
– How will you follow up? Think of next steps during or after the event to keep your participants engaged.

Those are the basics! If you’re doing something that’s large and complex, it’s only more important to be sure that you have the right tools to be a success. Whatever the size and subject of your event, thanks for taking action for a better planet. Keep browsing earthday.org for more materials — we’re here to help you succeed.



Be a part of Earth Challenge 2020, the world’s largest citizen science effort

Use the Earth Challenge 2020 app to gather critical environmental data near you

Earth Challenge 2020 is the app fueling the world’s largest citizen science effort, available on Android and iOS devices.

Earth Challenge lets you gather important scientific data near you. It has two elements for you to measure — air quality and plastic pollution — with more on the way.

Get the app to join other citizen scientists helping to make a cleaner, healthier planet.

For tablets and smartphones.




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Read about our campaigns, download images and posters, and keep up with Earth Day news


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Print these posters, write in your event information, and put them up around your campus or city.

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