Take Action

Make an Earth Day window sign

If you’re at home, you can still take a simple advocacy action: make an Earth Day sign for your window!


Earth Day 2020 is going digital to protect public health, but the classic cardboard sign (or poster board, or paper, or whatever’s at hand) can let your neighbors know they can get involved. One of the easiest ways you can get ready while practicing hands-on advocacy is to put a sign in your window.

There’s one big difference between a window sign and a marching sign: followup! You have to give people who see it something to do next. We recommend including #EARTHRISE, #EarthDay2020, or earthday.org on your sign.

Ready to go, but want some inspiration? Here are a few of our team’s sign ideas, organized by category.


  • The climate’s changing; why aren’t we?
  • Don’t be a fossil fool
  • Let’s rise up before the seas do


  • Biodiversity or bust!
  • Respect existence or expect resistance
  • No Nature, no future


  • Fight climate change with diet change!
  • Food waste isn’t in good taste
  • Be a winner; eat a plant-based dinner
  • Soy to the world


  • Less plastic would be fantastic!
  • Mother Earth doesn’t like quitters; pick up your litter
  • Don’t be trashy! Buy less plastic
  • Dump bad habits, not your trash


  • There’s no eARTh without ART

Once finished, add your action to the earth day map!