Take Action From Home

Even as you stay home and maintain social distancing, you can still exercise your responsibility to act for the environment. No matter where you are, you can make a difference!

Use these ideas to inspire meaningful actions to show your support for people and the planet. Turn these actions into habits and civic action that last beyond Earth Day!

Topic Ideas

The first Earth Day was a nationwide teach-in for communities to learn about and discuss local environmental issues.

• Host or attend a virtual teach-in on an environmental topic, including: biodiversity loss, plastic pollution, food waste, food security, air quality, insect population, water quality and local climate change impacts.
• After hosting or attending an online teach-in, discuss with your family actions you can take to make a difference!
• Livestream your own nature walk or backyard explorations. Ask viewers what species they have in their neighborhoods and how they can protect their habitats.

Register your event or find a digital Teach-in to attend

Learn about the impacts of your food choices and our food system while cooking delicious plant-based meals!

• Research new plant-based recipes or recreate your favorite family recipes with plant-based alternatives.
• Live stream a plant-based cooking class for your friends and family.
• Learn food preservation techniques such as canning, pickling, drying and freezing to enjoy fruits and vegetables year-round and minimize your food waste.
• Volunteer or donate to alleviate food insecurity in your community if you are able. Refer to your local government agency’s or NGO’s website.

Learn more about your "foodprint" from our FoodPrints for the Future Campaign. Let's fight climate change with diet change!

Art is a powerful tool to communicate messages, trigger emotions and inspire action! Use the following ideas to inspire a home art project.

• Repurpose materials from around your house into new items; make jewelry, bags or plant holders!
• Draw or paint what you want a sustainable future to look like. Write a creative story about what that world is like!
• Gather nature items from outside, like leaves and pinecones, and make an art project out of them. What animals can you create out of the things you find?
• Make and decorate a new plant-based cookbook for your family to use. This could make a great gift!

Explore our Artists for the Earth and register your artwork!

Countless species on our planet inspire wonder and connection to Earth’s habitats. Learn about the impacts of biodiversity loss and how to help local species from home.

• Watch an environmental documentary or animal show and research ways to protect your favorite animals.
• Tune in to a virtual teach-in from a zoo or aquarium and learn about animals and their habitats.
• Research what pollinators are native to your area and what plants they rely on. Design a pollinator garden for your yard or community!

Learn more about our 2020 species and how you can protect endangered species around the world!

Plastics are a huge part of our daily lives, but there are tons of great alternatives to use to help the planet! You can make a huge difference by changing what you buy and how you dispose of plastic.

• Conduct a plastic audit in your home. Count how many plastic containers, wraps, bottles and bags you purchase for your kitchen and bathroom.
• Research products that have more sustainable packaging for your next grocery shop or online order!
• Ask restaurants to skip the plastic utensils with your delivery or pickup orders.

Explore more ideas on how to reduce your plastic use and End Plastic Pollution!

Citizen science is an amazing way for global citizens to contribute to valuable scientific research. You can participate in Earth Challenge from anywhere!

• Download the Global Earth Challenge app and collect data about air quality and plastic pollution in your community.
• Use the air quality and plastic pollution lesson plans for fun activities to do from home!
• Build upon what you learned to take action that influences positive changes in your community to protect our environment.

Download the brand new Global Earth Challenge app and start collecting citizen science data!

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