Environmental Education at Home

Commemorate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary all year with STEM and environmental education wherever you are!

Earth Day Network is committed to supporting parents and teachers in providing engaging environmental education opportunities. As students and parents all over the world face a new reality of learning from home and teachers work hard to transition to digital classes, we are here to help!

We have compiled lessons, activities and ideas for students of all ages to engage with Earth Day and the environmental movement through science, art and civic action! Explore these ideas and resources from our partners to help you make Earth Day every day!

Take Action From Home

Looking for ideas on how to commemorate Earth Day every day while social distancing and protecting your community by staying at home? We’ve come up with ideas for art projects and activities that will entertain you during quarantine, and also help you connect with nature, lighten your environmental footprint and advocate for a sustainable future!

Take Action From Home

Environmental History Timeline

Now that you’ve commemorated the 50th anniversary with us, take a look back on the events that brought us here! In collaboration with Prezi we have created a presentation on the history of the environmental movement, from 1970 to today. Learn about the successes that pushed the movement forward, and the losses that motivated environmental heroes to keep fighting. This resource is great for dinner conversation starter, writing prompt material, science research project and more!

Environmental History Timeline Prezi

Adapt an Event to a Digital Teach-In

We can keep our neighbors safe by transforming our events into digital gatherings. Have speakers or performers go live on social media and brainstorm with your community actions you can take from home, and things you want to do together in the future!

Host a Digital Teach-In

Plan a Pollinator Garden

Pollinators are responsible for the reproduction of nearly all plant life on earth, and habitats everywhere rely on them to maintain balance. Unfortunately, climate change and habitat loss threaten pollinator species globally. Review our 2020 Pollinator Garden Toolkit and use our planning worksheet to design your garden!

Planning Worksheet

Test your knowledge about the Earth

With quizzes on species, energy, climate change and pollution, these are great for teachers to assign or for students who want to test themselves after doing a research project. Who in your household will get the best score? Make it a competition!

Earth Day Quizzes

Partner Resources

Earth Day Network is proud of partner with a number of organizations around the world who are as dedicated to science and climate literacy as we are! Explore their online lessons, activities, videos and games. Learn more about climate change and the environment and join us with your new knowledge throughout the 50th anniversary year!

Resources from our Partners