Climate Change

We are already experiencing impacts from climate change as a result of global warming, including deadly heat waves, extreme weather events, and threats to life on earth. There is no denying that human activities, including the burning of fossil fuels and destruction to our natural environment, is behind global warming. Now is the time to act on climate with solutions to embrace a clean energy future and create a healthy and sustainable future. More on what Earth Day Network is doing about climate change and what you can do to help below.

What You Need to Know About Climate Change

Get the facts on the climate change as a result of global warming.

What Earth Day is Doing About Climate Change

From climate education to engaging local leaders, and tree-planting to renewable energy installations.

What You Can Do to Act On Climate Change

Calculate your carbon footprint and more ways to act on climate.

Climate Change Impact: Hurricanes

Why won’t our leaders talk about climate change?

India Faces Climate Change

Millions of Indians are feeling the effects of droughts, floods, heat waves and polluted air.