Take Action

Advocate for your school or company to serve plant-based meals

Want to have a major positive impact on our planet? You can fight climate change with diet change:

The food system is responsible for over a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, of which approximately 80% are associated with livestock production. But swapping out those meat and dairy items for plant-based options can have an enormous impact on climate change and your personal carbon footprint.

But the power of plant-based swaps doesn’t have to end in your own kitchen — Institutions like schools and organizations are an incredible opportunity to seize the positive health and climate impacts of plant-based meals on a larger scale.

Encourage your school or organization to serve more plant-based meal options and to educate students and employees about the impacts of animal agriculture on our food system to help everyone make more informed choices about their health, and the health of the planet.

Learn more about the ways educators can help students understand the connections between our food choices and the planet!

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