The Face of Climate Change: Update, April 18

Earth Day is on Monday—just 4 days away! As Earth Day approaches, The Face of Climate Change continues to build momentum.

Check out these recent highlights:

In Bilaspur, India, the Face of Climate Change is the face of this young boy, who writes: “We are ready to protect nature with our small hands. Come with me! I am happy because my family is fighting against the sponge iron factory which produces lots of carbon. If we win, it will help save our ecosystem. Please come fight with us!”

On a boat in the North Atlantic Ocean, these women are researching the way that climate change impacts the oceans. As they explain, when the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises, the ocean absorbs some of this carbon dioxide. This process causes the ocean to become more acidic, which threatens pteropods, corals, and other marine life.

The Face of Climate Change is on the Caribbean island of Antigua, where a group of students participate in a clean-up near their village.

See these Faces of Climate Change and many more on the global mosaic. And don’t forget to upload your Face of Climate Change.

With Earth Day just a few days away, preparations are underway all around the globe. In New Zealand, Kawai Purapura is planning a series of Earth Day events, including a tree-planting, a composting workshop, organic gardening classes, and environmental films and activities for children.

In the Cayman Islands, the Chamber of Commerce will host a beach and reef clean-up, as well as a children’s poster contest about recycling. They expect about 1500 volunteers to participate.

Meanwhile, in Sudan, the musical group “3 Meters Away” will be hosting an Earth Day-themed concert, an environmental art exhibition, and a roundtable discussion on the effects of climate change.

Thousands of other events will be taking place on April 22 all around the world. Find out how you can get involved.