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The Story of Climate Change iTextbook Out Now

Earth Day Network Educates Middle School Students on Climate Change Facts Contact: Timothy J McHugh, Director of Communications [email protected] (202) 518-0044 November 4, 2015 (Washington, DC) Earth Day Network (EDN) has released The Story of Climate Change, the first digital textbook on climate change designed exclusively for middle school students. For the past 20 years, EDN has worked to expand climate education in classrooms around the world. As one of the first advocates of green schools, The Story of Climate Change advances EDN’s goal to educate the next generation of climate leaders. “Students will watch glaciers melt, dive into the world’s coral reefs, and explore local bikeshare programs – all from their tablet,” explained Johanna Bozuwa, EDN’s Director of Education. “This digital textbook is a new, active way of multimedia learning that connect students beyond pages and vocabulary words into the practical applications of climate science.” Dr. James E. Hansen, former NASA scientist and current Director of Program on Climate Science, Awareness, and Solutions at Columbia University, endorsed the Story of Climate Change, “A story children need to read—and understand.” Each of the digital textbook’s six chapters includes informative videos, fun interactive resources, critical thinking activities, as well as review and discussion questions to reinforce unit concepts. As international action to address climate change and other environmental issues remains stalled, Earth Day Network works to ensure that students graduate from their education system as climate literate young adults. Erin Twamley of the Department of Energy and climate education author says, “This digital textbook brings the climate science basics to life using a multimedia approach to engage students from videos to images and graphs. I love that The Story of Climate Change focuses on quality and culture of life as a key component to the climate change discussion.” A Teacher’s Guide is also available on Earth Day Network’s website. The Teacher’s Guide includes in-depth activity lesson plans, Next Generation Science Standard Alignments, student action plans, and handy resources to help educators make the most out of every chapter. The Story of Climate Change is available in the Apple Store and will be followed by an e-pub edition.
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