Media Advisory

EARTHDAY.ORG Statement on death of climate activist protesting at the U.S. Supreme Court on Earth Day

4/27/22 – We here at EARTHDAY.ORG are saddened to hear the news of Wynn Bruce, a climate activist from Colorado, who in an act of self-immolation protesting climate change this past Earth Day on April 22nd at the U.S. Supreme Court, succumbed to his injuries the following day.

It is truly heartbreaking to know that someone who cared so much about the environment and the perils of climate change would feel it necessary to sacrifice themselves to bring heightened awareness to this issue. Yet, the challenges we face from climate change are dire and at times it may feel like the leaders, decision makers, influencers, lawmakers, and titans of industry aren’t paying attention. Or they are using the climate crisis to meet their own selfish needs whether that be profit or otherwise. 

To honor Wynn Bruce and other activists like him we must work together to cut through the noise and the distortions in the media about climate change. We have to get in front of everyday people all over the world and educate them on the seriousness of this issue. Otherwise we will allow more hopelessness to seep into our collective consciousness and more days and years to pass, ultimately squandering one of the greatest opportunities to save planet Earth’s inhabitants from the life-threatening perils of climate change.