Media Advisory

EARTHDAY.ORG Statement on Uvalde, Texas School Shooting

The entire team of EARTHDAY.ORG from its staff to board of directors are deeply saddened by the senseless loss of life from the mass shooting which took place at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas yesterday. 

As the day began we awoke mourning the 19 children, whose lives were cut short, and the two teachers who perished at the hands of the scourge that is gun violence in America. There are no words that can be said that will help ease the pain of the families and close friends now dealing with the reality of an irreparable loss. 

Being heavily involved in environmental education and working closely with educators we feel that schools must always be a safe place for both students and faculty alike. Yet, we mince no words when we say that the loss we all feel deep within our hearts is one we need not continuously experience. Indeed, nearly every country in the world has a lower gun violence rate than that of the United States. 

We’ve seen this sickening scene unfold time and time again to the point where we’re becoming callous and indifferent to gun violence. It would seem that we are powerless to stop the special interests who benefit from keeping things the way they are. We are beholden to the gun manufacturers and lobbyists who spend millions to bankroll politicians and make American citizens think that their 2nd amendment rights are under attack daily.

The truth of the matter is that there is common ground to be had. There are basic regulations like universal background checks and red flag laws when purchasing firearms that a vast majority agree on,  no matter their political affiliation. It’s well past time we start listening to each other and do what is necessary to prevent another mass shooting tragedy. We owe it to all the families who’ve lost loved ones in mass shootings over the course of the last two decades to end this once and for all. Our children’s and our loved one’s lives depend on it.