Climate Action

A Gift that Gives Back: T-Shirts to Protect Our Species

Alone in nature? No way! We’re sharing our planet with 8.7 million species. That’s 6.5 million species on land and 2.2 million in our oceans. All of these species create the interconnected web of life upon which human life depends. But today, up to half of all species are threatened by climate change. Rising sea levels and warmer oceans. Droughts, fires and floods. Our planet’s biodiversity is threatened by climate change caused by humans. That’s why Earth Day Network is working to protect our species. And we need your help. Donate to protect our species and we’ll send you the gift of a limited edition sustainable T-shirt.
  • Land-dwelling species have declined by 40% since 1970.
  • Marine animal populations have fallen by 40%.
  • Birds populations are down 25%.
  • Freshwater animals have plummeted 75% since 1970.
  • 50% of the world’s coral reefs have died in the last 30 years.
You can help protect our species and shop for the holidays at the same time . . . but time is running out. December 9th is the last day to order your t-shirt for pre-holiday delivery. At the same time, you’ll be supporting our campaign to protect our species! Colors and styles here. Kids sizes, too. Academics may debate if we are already facing a new mass extinction. But even if that is not the case, we know that thousands of species are endangered, and most land and sea creatures are at risk.