INC Diary – Day 5

Monday November 15

Sleep: Sort of slept but not much as I kept getting emails from our office in Washington DC – cell was pinging all night

Mood: Angry. 

The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), supported by a coalition of NGO’s, has confirmed the presence of the fossil fuel and chemical industry lobbyists being here in BIG number. Their analysis found

  • 143 fossil fuel and chemical industry lobbyists registered for INC-3, a 36% increase from INC-2!!!
  • These 143 lobbyists outnumber the 70 smallest Member States delegations at the negotiations. 
  • Six Member States have fossil fuel and chemical company lobbyists in their delegation. IN THEIR DELEGATIONS!!!

It’s slightly soul destroying when you realize how much the fossil fuel industry wants to keep pumping the planet full of plastics, and by default us too. Our report BABIES VS.PLASTICS was released today outlining just how back it is – babies seem to be the most susceptible to ingesting and inhaling microplastics. And there are all sorts of potential implications. Some studies have found associations with cancers and a whole range of other stuff. Would appreciate you sharing on on social media. Sigh. It’s a lot.