INC Diary – Day 2

Sunday November 12

Sleep: Terrible, my brain just wont switch off.

Mood: Lots to do and anticipating problems, there are aways unforeseen problems!

Woke up at 6am and now I feel jet lagged, of course it hits me a day late!!

Weather is threatening thunderstorms. Darn it, just realized I did not bring any wet weather gear. I was too busy finishing my report BABIES VS. PLASTICS, about the health risks of microplastics on children, to be released on November 15th. So, on a good note the report got finished but I am now probably going to get drenched in Nairobi. 

Decided to eat an enormous breakfast to take my mind off the weather situation, with tons of fruit and cereal. I know finding food at these conferences can be very touch and go. So I always eat when I can!!

drenched in Nairobi

I am now heading off for a meeting with the US delegation, all the #BreakFreeFromPlastics coalition members, from the US, will be there. We need to game plan the meetings this week; what we ask for, how we ask for it and who we negotiate with. You learn at these events that there is always a wrench about to be thrown into the system from a great height, when you don’t expect it and it is never the ones you try and anticipate. Ever.

We know Saudi Arabia, was complaining about the Treaty before we even got here. They produced 10.4 million barrels per day of crude oil in 2022,  14% higher than the 9.1 million b/d in 2021. Probably partly for making plastics. Plastics are made from oil so the fossil fuel industry is in play here. Big time.

By 9pm local time meetings started to draw to an end. I feel shattered now. All my jet lag has now hit me full throttle, I plan on going back to my hotel and CRASHING.