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Get Your Official Earth Day 2014 T-Shirt

The new Earth Day 2014 t-shirts are in! Get yours today! They’re perfect for your local Earth Day event or as a gift for a friend or family member. And, the best part is that the proceeds will go directly toward building a global movement to fight climate change. So act now and get yourself an Earth Day 2014 shirt while they last! The science is clear – climate change is happening. In fact, it’s happening at an accelerating rate. The impacts are all around us. Ecosystems are slowly being destroyed, sea levels are rising, drowning entire islands and coastlines, droughts are rendering our advanced agricultural systems ineffective, and extreme weather is producing increasingly destructive storms.

That’s why Earth Day Network is taking charge in the effort to register and mobilize 300,000 new climate voters in 2014. Get a cool T-shirt and help build an environmental movement. It’s a win-win. Get your Earth Day 2014 T-shirt today!