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New York, NY– September 21, 2011-At its annual conference in New York today, President Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative recognized Earth Day Network’s “A Billion Acts of Green® – Renewable Energy for All” campaign as an exemplary approach to addressing global environmental challenges. The campaign aims to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 1 million pounds by the UN Earth Summit in Rio De Janiero, Brazil in 2012. Launched by the global non-profit organization, Earth Day Network, in collaboration with Applied Solutions, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA, and NativeEnergy, the campaign will work with individuals, businesses, and local governments to adopt energy efficiency and renewable energy measures through the purchase of new technology, energy credits, carbon offsets, and the development of alternative energy policies. In the absence of national and international leadership on climate change policy, individuals, businesses, and local governments must take on the cause of renewable energy.  The new initiative will build on and expand the success of Earth Day Network’s Global Days of Conversation campaign, which organizes dialogues between constituents and leaders across the globe on issues of environmental sustainability and helps foster innovative solutions to green the economy. “We are honored to receive such recognition from the Clinton Global Initiative,” said Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network.  “Embracing energy efficiency and renewable energy practices is a critical first step for the world to finally start reducing its carbon footprint.”


About Earth Day Network Earth Day Network’s mission is to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement, driving action year-round.  Earth Day Network does this through advocacy, education, public policy, and consumer campaigns.  Earth Day Network mobilizes over one billion people in 192 countries with the help of our 25,000 partners. To learn more about Earth Day Network, please visitarchiveedn.wpengine.com. About Billion Acts of Green® A Billion Acts of Green® – Renewable Energy for All is a part of the Billion Acts of Green® campaign, which collects and inspires individual and organizational initiatives that further the goal of measurably reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainability. To learn more about A Billion Acts of Green®, please visit earthday.org/take-action. About ICLEI-Local Governments of Sustainability USA ICLEI USA is the leading membership association of cities & counties committed to climate protection, clean energy, and sustainability, with more than 550 U.S. members (and 1,200 worldwide). ICLEI USA sets national standards and drives innovation, and is the only organization that provides all of the necessary tools, resources, and technical guidance to help local governments reach their goals. To learn more, please visit www.icleiusa.org. About Applied Solutions Applied Solutions is a rapidly growing non-profit organization that was founded by a handful of local governments committed to the development of financial tools and mechanisms to support renewable energy, energy efficiency and water systems at the regional scale. Applied Solutions provides a shared forum for local governments to advance energy sovereignty, economic stability, job creation and resilient infrastructure systems within their communities. To learn more about Applied Solutions, please visit www.appliedsolutions.org. About NativeEnergy NativeEnergy is an expert provider of carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and carbon accounting software. With NativeEnergy’s Help Build™ offsets, businesses and individuals can help finance the construction of wind, biogas, solar, and other carbon projects with strong social and environmental benefits. Since 2000, NativeEnergy’s customers have helped build over 50 projects, reducing more than 2.5 million tons of greenhouse gas reductions, and the company has over 4 million tons under contract. All NativeEnergy carbon offsets are third-party verified and validated. Learn more at www.nativeenergy.com.