Climate Action

Take action for the planet by volunteering for Earth Day

COVID-19 has changed everything — from how we work and learn to how we take action. 

But amid these uncertain times, one thing remains unwavering: Earth Day will unite hundreds of millions of people around the world to inspire action against environmental degradation and climate change. Even if it’s online. 

If I’m anything, I’m an optimist. 

The world can become a better place if — and this is a big “if” — we are willing to put in the work to improve it. As Earth Day Network’s volunteer coordinator, I contribute by creating opportunities for you to participate in the environmental movement. Let’s get you involved.

Working in the environmental science and advocacy field is the best way to improve our planet for everyone. Other social movements are equally important, but they need clean air, clean water, healthy ecosystems and a hospitable climate as a baseline to create change. 

Luckily for you and me, Earth Day’s 50th anniversary is a great time for an environmentalist to make a difference — and there’s still so much to do. 

The environmental issues we face at present mark a first for our species. Like never before, simple things like our travel habits, diets, purchases and infrastructure harm people and places all over the world. Our current climate change is occurring 20 to 50 times faster than any of the most rapid climate change events in Earth’s history.

Changing that trend takes decisive action. In the past, we’ve changed the world negatively by starting wars, or positively by creating global institutions for humans rights and conservation. Changing the world meant making a choice. 

Inaction, in times like these, will change the world for the worse. All of us have a decision to make — the futures of your children and grandchildren depend on the world we build today. 

When you sign up to be an Earth Day Network volunteer,  you’ll get a regular flow of resources, including ways to plan an event, chances to participate in citizen science, opportunities to engage with friends and a platform to make your voice heard. You’ll also receive tips on how to live greener. 

But the real goal of Earth Day is to change the world around you, for the better. Volunteering for Earth Day brings you back to the roots of environmentalism: Building a planet that works better for everyone. You’ll do this through voting, changing laws and leaders, updating school curriculums, supporting science and inspiring your neighbors to make positive changes.

We can do this, together. Make the decision this Earth Day to sign up as a volunteer. The planet and all future generations will thank you.