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The Climate Education Coalition’s mission is to work collaboratively in preparing future and current generations to face the consequences of the climate crisis while also bringing together responsible solutions to reverse climate change. By instilling responsibility amongst the masses, the Climate Education Coalition aims to establish compulsory climate education in schools worldwide and promote the importance of green jobs, technologies and policies, civic engagement, youth empowerment, climate justice, and equity to members of civil society, politicians, UN officials, entrepreneurs, and global press.

The Coalition, a group of over 100 organizations and individuals around the globe, has published an open letter demanding cooperation and collaborative action to establish quality education for children, youth, and adults to combat the climate crisis.

Climate education coalition toolkit

Please find below the letter template you can use:

The Right Honourable Name and Surname
Minister of Climate/Environment/ Education of name of the country,

Your Excellency,
On behalf of more than 90 youth organizations from around the world, including organizations from NAME OF YOUR COUNTRY, we are extending our letter on the 54th celebration of the global Earth Day - a moment for recognizing the importance of the planet that we all share and the seriousness of the climate crisis that we all need to take action upon.

As NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION and the Climate Education Coalition, we urge Your Excellency to prioritize and invest in compulsory climate education at all K-12 levels of school system in NAME OF THE COUNTRY. We need an education that will prepare us to solve the climate crisis and will better equip us with civic skills and the knowledge we can use to engage in green jobs and lead sustainable innovations in NAME OF THE COUNTRY.

The Article 12th of the Paris Agreement, that NAME OF THE COUNTRY signed in 2015, clearly says that Parties shall cooperate in taking measures, as appropriate, to enhance climate change education, therefore, we are asking Your Excellency to act upon that promise and integrate climate education in the national curriculum.

As NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION and the Climate Education Coalition, we are willing to support Your Excellency with our advise on integrating climate education to the curriculum and communicating this policy to the public. For our generation it is the call to action - to be prepared to responsibly face the climate crisis with adequate knowledge and skills.

NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION and the Climate Education Coalition

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