Life Beyond Plastics

A World Without Oil-Based Plastics

Earth Day will utilize the platform of its 50th anniversary to activate the citizens of the world to influence governments and businesses to address the problem of oil-based plastics, as a source of carbon emissions and as a pollutant affecting people and the environment.

We invite you to join us so we can collectively move toward a resolution to this problem.

What Earth Day Network brings to the table:

  • A brand that is globally recognized
  • A platform that mobilizes over a billion people each year
  • The capacity to convene actors across issues and political points of view

Solving this problem will require:

  • Corporations and governments leading the way to a future free from harmful oil-based plastics
  • A global treaty to tackle the world’s plastics problem
  • Local and national policies and efforts to ban single-use plastics
  • Community-based solutions to reduce the use of plastics and promote re-use or recycling, when energy efficient
  • Increased and well-funded research and development, and new technologies to build a new materials paradigm
  • Heightened awareness and education among consumers regarding the consequences of their actions when they choose to use plastic products
  •  Broad-based recognition of the social justice issues surrounding plastic pollution and its disproportionateimpact on the world’s poor

To that end, we will be launching a major global plastics campaign and Earth Day Network is looking for partners to engage and collaborate with. We want to hear what’s important to you.

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