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Earth Day 2019 – Nonprofit Partners

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Everyone is working to Protect Our Species!

The resources below are designed to help you educate, inspire, and organize your networks to act to protect species both locally and globally.

Organize an Event for Earth Day to Protect Our Species

Download the Earth Day Organizers Toolkit

Our Earth Day Organizers Toolkit and the Protect Our Species Primer and Action Toolkit (available soon) provide both the content and process to organize an effective and powerful activity or event.

Learn about species loss and how to Protect Our Species

Download the Protect Our Species Primer and Action Toolkit

The Protect Our Species Primer and Action Toolkit is a comprehensive resource.

  • It contains a general introduction to the loss of species, shrinking population size, and diminishing genetic diversity.
  • It analyzes the causes of the Sixth Extinction and the different issues involved in this phenomenon.
  • It includes additional readings and resources curated by the EDN team to support further learning.
  • Moreover, it includes a series of general recommendations about actions to take to support species conservation; many of the actions are related to climate change, one of the main threats to biodiversity.

Finally, it features the profiles of a number of iconic species, actions you can take to Protect Our Species, and additional campaigns you can join!

Download our Earth Day 2019 Teach-In Toolkit and host a teach-in event in your community.

A teach-in is an educational event that also prepares individuals and organizations to take action on issues of importance to society. The main difference between a teach-in and a workshop or seminar is the refusal to limit the discussion to a strict academic scope. Teach-ins are meant to be practical, participatory, and action-oriented. While experts lecturing on the issue is at the core of any Teach-In, discussion and questions from the participants are welcome and encouraged.

Our Teach-In Toolkit includes information to help you:

  • Form an organizing committee.
  • Recruit speakers.
  • Select your moderator.
  • Create an agenda.
  • Outreach to your community.

Handle the logistics of your event.

Become a Nonprofit Partner for Earth Day 2019

Are you part of a non-profit or community organization interested in becoming a formal partner for Earth Day? EDN will provide you with an Earth Day 2019 official badge to add to your website along with materials, tips, and updates about campaigns you or your networks can join. Look for our partnership agreement and follow a few easy steps described HERE.

We welcome your suggestions for campaigns that are meaningful to you!

Share Your Story

Share photos, videos, and stories about what you and your network are doing to Protect Our Species all year round!

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