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Artists for the Earth™ invites all artists and arts organizations to join Earth Day 2020, the 50th anniversary!

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James Cameron on:  EDN’s 2020 #Vote Earth Campaign, Taking Bold Creative Action, and Hope for the Future.

Painted, choreographed, composed for an orchestra or a rock band, written in a novel, a poem or a play – Art has the power to influence and to inspire.  It acts as a mirror to society, able to illuminate the human condition in ways beyond pure science or fact.  It distills experience, and through it, can raise questions, reveal a conflict or a dilemma and communicate ideas across cultures irrespective of borders.  It can elicit emotion, deepen understanding and help to galvanize a movement.

In 1970, the first Earth Day became the fulcrum, the flash point that ignited the first stand against the forces damaging to the natural world.  Credited with launching the modern environmental movement, Earth Day made the passage of landmark environmental laws possible and created an engaged and committed citizenry.  It mobilized a nation…and then a world.

As Earth Day reaches its milestone 50th Anniversary in April 2020, nature and the environment are faced with enormous challenges from loss of biodiversity, pollution, degradation of our ecosystems, and climate change.

Now artists from around the world in every discipline are using the power of their art to express our common humanity by telling the stories and painting the pictures that personalize these challenges.

Artists for the Earthtm is collaborating with these artists and the cultural institutions concerned with the environment by promoting their work and sharing their information and resources.  Our goal is to harness the power of Art to heighten awareness, increase relevance in everyday lives, mobilize action and illuminate the pathway to change for our planet and hope for the future.


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