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Protect our Species: Save the Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act has conserved some of our nation’s most iconic species since 1973. It’s also provided leadership to other country’s guidelines for protecting species.

This act has an excellent track record, effectively implementing conservation strategies for iconic creatures, including the Florida manatee, the grizzly bear and the bald eagle.

Today, however, it’s under attack. The recent proposed revisions by the EPA would likely hurt the near-perfect record of preventing species extinction. 

These changes would do the following: protect designated suitable habitat; delay endangered species evaluation; increase difficulties in protecting species threatened by climate change; reduce overall protections; and make it more difficult to list new species and remove species. 

Our leaders need to shift their focus to ensure the Endangered Species Act is fully funded and that our species can continue to be conserved and appreciated for future generations.

Thank you for signing our petition to ensure the Endangered Species Act remains as it was written.

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