The Canopy Project

Planting Trees, Protecting Life

The Canopy Project plants trees to help communities around the world

Trees play such an important role in our environment. They absorb harmful carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and produce the oxygen we all need to breathe. Their roots prevent erosion by holding the soil intact and filter water by removing pollutants. With the reality of increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and more frequent and violent storms/floods, increasing tree cover to prevent devastating soil erosion has never been more important.

Trees provide so many other benefits. In rural and high-poverty areas, trees improve livelihoods. They act as a source of food or as a cash crop like coffee. In urban areas, shade trees keep sidewalks and buildings cool and help reduce noise levels. Everywhere in the world, trees are a source of joy, beauty, and inspiration.

Since launching The Canopy Project in 2010, Earth Day Network has planted over 1.5  million trees in 21 countries, focusing on areas most in need of reforestation. The Canopy Project empowers communities to conserve, repair, and restore tree cover to their lands and rebuild their local economies. The UN estimates that for every dollar spent for reforestation, $2.50 dollars is generated in local downstream income and benefits.

Our tree plantings are supported by sponsors and individual donations and carried out by nonprofit tree planting organizations throughout the world. We work in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme’s Billion Trees Campaign, and each tree planted is counted toward our A Billion Acts of Green campaign.


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