The next few years will be critical for the future of the environmental movement. With the upcoming elections, we have an opportunity to cement our efforts for a more sustainable future – or erase years of progress. By getting out and voting for the environment, we can make an impact on some of today’s biggest environmental issues, including:   OFFSHORE DRILLING
Recycle Your E-Waste
Electronic waste, or “e-waste,” is a term used to describe any electronic device that is outdated, obsolete, broken, donated, discarded, or at the end of its useful life. This includes cell phones, computers, laptops, PDAs, monitors, televisions, printers, scanners, and any other electrical device.   
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Earth Day Network and tcktcktck are proud to announce a joint collaboration to mobilize communities worldwide to advocate for a sustainable future through the Renewable Energy for All campaign. The campaign will promote renewable energy initiatives and build support for comprehensive action at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 – the so called Rio+20 Earth Summit.
“It’s Our Turn to Lead”™ Local leaders and elected officials are at the forefront of addressing the impacts of economic, political and environmental challenges facing their communities, all while working to balance budgets, create jobs, and produce energy savings.  
Mobilize the Earth™ This Earth Day we are mobilizing the planet simply to say one thing: the Earth won't wait. It seems that environmental issues have been put on the back burner as we are in the midst of a global recession. Yet, the problems that the Earth faces will not subside simply because we choose to ignore them. We continue to constantly pump CO2 into the atmosphere as climate change continues unabated. Our rivers, streams, lakes and oceans remain polluted along with our air.
We seek to build bridges between educators, students, and parents across the country that have conducted school greening projects.  This is your space to share what your school has done and be inspired by the other great projects other schools have accomplished.
The heart of Earth Day Network’s mission is to broaden, diversify and activate the environmental movement.
The Green Generation - Earth Day 2009
Earth Day, April 22, 2009, marked the beginning of the Green Generation™ campaign.  Focused on the negotiations for a new global climate agreement in December, 2009, Earth Day 2009 was a day of action and civic participation, to defend the Green Generation™'s c