T-shirt + Trees = Awareness

Earth Day will be celebrated worldwide, and this year, Iraqi Green Peace Org will be partnering up with Earth Day Network again. Iraqi Green Peace Org will carry on their effort to raising environmental awareness by working with the students to design and sell 500 T-shirts and planting 500 olive trees for Earth Day 2015. Iraqi Green Peace Org has been a partner of EDN since 2012, and this is the second time we are celebrating Earth Day together! Iraqi Green Peace is an Iraqi NGO with their work focused on Peace & Environment in Iraq. It was first established in 2003, and now it has 152 active members. With its main office in Baghdad and supporting offices located in the south and the east of Iraq, Iraqi Green Peace Org is able to expand its influence over twelve provinces of Iraq. Its partnerships with governments, domestic NGOs and international humanitarian groups has continuously proven their success through efforts of promoting environmental awareness and providing assistance to women and children who are in need. Iraqi Green Peace Org’s effort to advocate for a greener future has been none stop for the past twelve years. It has a long term working relationship with the Iraqi Department of Emigration and Migration, the United Nation Assistance Mission in Iraq, the US Embassy Cultural Affairs and Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI). Together they have worked towards the same goal of greener environment. To name a few, in 2013 and 2014, the organizations worked closely with environment clubs at individual schools to plant trees and to arrange for training programs for teachers. It also provided scholarships to 560 students across twelve provinces in Iraq to learn English. To further facilitate student learning, especially those in primary schools and those with disabilities, Iraqi Green Peace Org provided necessities and installed water filtration and sterilizing system for reliable access to drinking water. Its efforts cover a wide range of topics and has been continuous. Earth Day Network is grateful to have this ongoing partnership with Iraqi Green Peace. Please visit them on Facebook at Iraqi Greenish Peace Org to see their updates on this year’s Earth Day events! Amber Dai, Intern