Climate Action

Saluting the Military for Leadership on Sustainability and Resilience

As we thank our veterans for serving and protecting our country, we also give a nod to the U.S. Military for embracing sustainable and resilient practices and a move to clean energy. Below, recent stories on the subject. “U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Living its Environmental Operating Principles Earth Day and Every Day” (Guest post by Karen J. Baker, Chief, Environmental Division, HQ, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) “US Military Microgrids Are Using More Renewables and Batteries” (Green Tech Media) “Hurricane-Damaged Air Force Base Has an Opportunity to Rebuild for Resilience” (E&E Publishing) “Coal Loses Again As US Military Pushes Clean Power Envelope” (Clean Technica) “U.S. military marches forward on green energy, despite Trump” (Reuters) “Former US Chief Sustainability Officer: The Military Is Leading the March Toward Energy Independence” (Green Tech Media) “Trump’s Defense Secretary Cites Climate Change as National Security Challenge” (ProPublica)