Climate Action

Pushing for a Carbon Emission Reducing System.

China and the U.S have been in discussion about carbon emissions and climate change over the past year, including the notable APEC meeting in Beijing where both countries decided to establish new carbon emission cuts. During Xi Jinpeng’s first state visit to the U.S. on Friday September 25th, he proposed the reduction of carbon emission with a cap and trade system starting in 2017. China plans on utilizing market forces and putting a price on carbon emissions from power generation, steel, cement and other industrial sectors— creating the world’s largest carbon market. The United States also enacted the Clean Power Plan, a plan to reduce emissions in the U.S. power sector by 32% by 2030. China’s commitment to cutting carbon emissions will further propel the U.S. to act on climate. The most consistent critique of climate mitigation strategies in the U.S. has been China’s ability to surge ahead in the world economy if China continues to pollute while the U.S. lowers emissions. This historical alignment has the power to perpetuate change and facilitate a strong agreement in Paris this December at COP 21. Mariana Prosperi, Intern