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EARTHDAY.ORG Releases All-New Africa Climate Ambassador Toolkit

Washington, D.C. — EARTHDAY.ORG, the global organizer of Earth Day, today released the Africa Climate Ambassador Toolkit in partnership with a cohort of Sub-Saharan, youth-led organizations including Liberian Youth for Climate ActionsEnvironment Savers ZambiaThe Ianna Mallayka FoundationKichini Gardeners, and Renew Our Earth Inc. The interactive toolkit enables teachers, government officials, members of civil society, and parents to educate youth on the local impacts of climate change and inspire the next generation of environmental activism.

The free online guide includes a variety of interactive exercises, lesson ideas, and more that teach youth how they can engage in climate restoration in their communities. This resource breaks down the causes and impacts of climate change in Africa as well as the necessary actions for mitigation. From tree planting to waste management to climate literacy, a handful of young climate activists share their stories and best practices on a variety of climate topics. 

“Youths have not fully understood climate change as a crisis because they have not understood the urgency of the issue. Therefore, informally and formally educating citizens about the science, solutions and how citizens can participate is key to achieving the Paris Climate Agreement,” said Ezekial Nyanfor, Founder of Liberian Youth for Climate Actions and Creator of the toolkit. “Education is crucial to promote climate action because it helps people understand and address the impact of the climate crisis and empowers people with the knowledge skills, values, and attitudes needed to become an agent of change.” 

“This toolkit is incredibly important because it is created by sub-Saharan youth for sub-Saharan youth. There is a huge need for material written in an African context to address the lacking presence of climate education amongst youth and the larger general population. We are hoping that this toolkit will be the first in a series of educational materials aimed to share stories, spread knowledge, and inspire others through best practices to make real change in their communities,” said Matthew Lefler, EARTHDAY.ORG-Africa Manager. 

Download the Africa Climate Ambassador Toolkit here:

Toolkit Creators:
Ezekiel Nyanfor, Liberian Youth for Climate Actions
Enock Mwewa, Environment Savers Zambia
Ianna Mallayka, The Ianna Mallayka Foundation 
Irene Nagudi, Kichini Gardeners
Dr. Ugoji Adanma Eze, Renew Our Earth Inc. 
Yundeh Alfreda Butler, Liberian Youth for Climate Actions
Kadiatu A. Sheriff, Liberian Youth for Climate Actions

Callie Smith
Matthew Lefler
Jean-Betrand Mhandu
Derrick Mugisha
Ghammid Abdulbasat 
Juliana Schmidt
Rachel Weisbrot

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