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Protect Our Species Climate Education Week Toolkit (2019)

This toolkit overviews the threats to biodiversity around the world and helps teachers incorporate curriculum about endangered species into their lesson plans with a variety of age-appropriate lessons and activities.

End Plastic Pollution Climate Education Week Toolkit (2018)

This toolkit provides an overview of the causes and impacts of plastic pollution and helps teachers incorporate lessons and activities into their classroom throughout the year.

MobilizeU Every Bite Counts

Earth Day Network is bringing the environmental movement to university and college campuses across the world. By recognizing the power, energy, innovation and organizing capacity of students across the planet, we can unite around a common interest of environmental action and continue to work toward a healthier world.

The 2020 Global Teach-In

Earth Day Teach-Ins helped educate and mobilize citizens across America to demand that the government and Congress act to protect the environment.