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Letter from Earth Day Network

Letter from Earth Day Network – Wasted Waste Oil and natural gas fuel our cars and heat our homes, but the waste created by these industries creates its own demons, fueling climate change, asthma-triggering smog, and cancer. Methane, for instance, is a greenhouse gas 86 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over a course of 20 years—even the tiniest leak of methane can generate big changes in the climate. Moreover, the 9 million metric tons of toxic waste poured into our air annually is made up of enough methane to power almost 6 million US homes. That’s a lot of energy – and waste –why wouldn’t we want to capture it? Methane, You’re Not Welcome Here Anymore Today the White House announced a new goal of cutting climate destroying methane pollution by setting new goals and standards for the oil and gas industries.   Earth Day Network supports this important action.  But it’s not enough. How Can We Do More? Today’s methane reduction announcement by the White House will benefit the environment, wildlife and public health.  But voluntary standards are not enough. We must take action and educate ourselves on available solutions. There are cheap, effective solutions to reduce methane pollution that exist, ready to be utilized. We need to use them.  And EPA needs to stand tall and set strong standards to stop wasting this energy resource and reduce the climate destroying emissions from the oil and gas industries.