Climate Action

JUST RELEASED: Leadership Guide to Earth Day

Make a Difference. Be the Difference The decisions we make influences every aspect of our world. This Earth Day, be a part of the movement to make our world leaders listen as we rally for the biggest threat to us all: climate change. Stop thinking about getting involved and be proactive by planning an event for Earth Day 2015!

Get excited! Only a few weeks away from celebrating Earth Day 2015 and here’s your Leadership Guide.  We’ve spent the time putting together ideas, community activities, and event guidelines so you can get right to work planning for a memorable event.

Find something that works for you and your community. Every green act is one more step towards a more sustainable world, so remember that every activity and event that you create contributes to the Earth Day Network’s Billion Acts of Green global initiative! We need your help in reaching 1.5 billion acts by Earth Day. Once you figure out your plan, let us know and we’ll help you spread the word. The bigger the story we can tell on Earth Day this year, the larger impact we will have to climate change conferences in Paris, 2020, and beyond.

Our Leadership Guide is just the start. Next up is your Faith-based Toolkit, University Toolkit, Climate Education Toolkit and Global Day of Conversation Toolkit.

In just 45 years, Earth Day Network has accumulated over one billion people in 192 countries to come together to help protect our natural world and now It’s Our Turn to Lead.

April 22, 2015 For more information: What number will you be? A Billion Acts of Green Already have an event? Register here! Want to say hi or have questions? Here’s who and where you’ll need for that!