Climate Action

Get Inspired! 53 Lives in 53 Days for 53 Ways to Invest In Our Planet

Now fully available, Earth Day Network India launched a series of 53 Instagram Lives in honor of the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day. The series centers around this year’s theme, Invest In Our Planet, by interacting with a diverse range of speakers through inspiring stories, and initiating #ActsofGreen. Earth Day Instagram Lives also served as a platform to launch new initiatives, ‘Litter Free India Champions‘ being one of them.

The Instagram Lives featured experts addressing current events, along with MyFutureMyVoice Youth Ambassadors who discussed cooperation and negotiation in approaching world problems. Many laws surrounding environmental issues and rights were also highlighted such as advocating for sustainable fashion, ending plastic pollution, and fighting for alternate fuel sources. Some of the major topics included: Grow the Green Canopy, End Plastic Pollution, Manage Waste, Widen the Green Economy, Mandate Climate Education, Restore our Natural Wealth, and Switching to Clean and Renewable Energies. 

The first Instagram Live was kicked off with a history lesson from the Director of Education and Outreach, Neela Majumdar, followed by information on the various resources on our website, such as toolkits, quizzes, petitions, fact sheets, and more. As a way to keep people engaged, the sessions ended with a quiz where winners received environment-friendly items, like pencils with seeds. The finale was hosted from Jammu and Kashmir and included an awards ceremony that recognized Sofi Mohalla, in Dal Lake, as a Star Village that manages all the waste generated in this hamlet. 

The series had a total of 20,000 views and featured roughly 50 speakers with 53 ways to Invest In Our Planet. Due to popular demand, Earth Day Network India will continue hosting Weekly Live Sessions throughout the rest of 2023. Rumit Walia, the moderator of the series, says: “The Climate Clock is ticking. The estimated time before temperatures on Earth increase by 1.5 degrees Celsius and the planet becomes inhabitable is just 6 years. Thus, each of us must act immediately to avert the danger of Climate Change becoming irreversible.” You can register here for upcoming Lives and learn about what you can do to help. 

EARTHDAY.ORG’s Act on Climate Change campaign places importance on taking action and doing your part to stop climate change through education, holding yourself accountable, unplugging electronics, and much more. Additionally, if businesses, governments, and citizens come together, we can all work towards a solution at a faster rate and protect our planet. Using the tools provided, we can accomplish a greener future.