Climate Action

Earth Day Network Joins the Women’s March on Washington

  Earth Day was founded on the principles of equity, justice, civil rights, and environmental protection. From our very first Earth Day in 1970, the fight to restore our planet has unified and galvanized generations of activists across America and throughout the world. Women have been at the forefront of those battles. This inauguration week–perhaps more now than any time since 1970–great uncertainty lurks over the future of our country and the globe. The progress we’ve made for women and the health of our communities is poised to take one giant step backwards. We cannot let that happen. That’s why Earth Day Network is announcing our official partnership with the Women’s March on Washington. Their goals are our goals. We stand in solidarity with the Women’s March to demand a nation that supports and empowers women, the greatest defenders of our planet. Join us this Saturday, January 21st in Washington, DC as we rally for the Women’s March. We’ll gather at the corner of 6th and C Street SW in front of the Holiday Inn at 9:15AM to form an Earth Day Network contingent–just look for the Earth Day Network banner. For more information on the march including a schedule and what to bring head to the Women’s March website here.