Green Cities

Earth Day at The First Steps International Preschool of Bangkok

This is the first installment in a biweekly blog series from our Earth Day Director, Yoav Magid. Every two weeks, Yoav will write about one of the many incredible Earth Day events our partners around the world have organized as well as their impact. This week takes us to Bangkok, Thailand. The First Steps International Preschool of Bangkok The First Steps International Preschool of Bangkok is a highly multicultural place, a mix of locals and expats, with students from many different nationalities and cultures. On Earth Day this year, the school organized the Tree Planting Steps event at the Paked Urban Forest Park near Bangkok. The park is the largest green area near Bangkok, and Time Magazine has called it “the best urban oasis of Asia.” Sixty-one children, ages four to six, together with 26 parents, planted a hundred trees at the park, which was dedicated by the state to environmental development and conservation. Planting a hundred trees provided a fun and valuable lesson about caring for the Earth and how their own community can care for it. Parents, teachers, and even the private sector in Thailand have shown interest in joining the Green Schools movement. One example: last month, the First Steps International Preschool partnered up with Hewlett Packard Thailand to collect ink cartridges as a first step towards the school recycling program. This program will educate children, parents, teachers, and the local community about the environment, personal responsibility, and community action! We are proud to have the First Steps International School as one of our many education partners! ————– Stay tuned and check back often. We want to look forward and look back throughout this blog series. So we will mix what we have done with what we still plan to do. You don’t want to miss a single post.