Climate Action

Coming down the mountain with a message

High Mountain Institute (HMI) celebrated Earth Day in Leadville, Colorado. Six Waste Warriors from HMI taught conservations lessons to 3rd graders at local public school, Lake County Intermediate. Lessons to the 3rd graders focused on calculating trash generated by the classroom each school year. Students then practiced their multiplication skills to calculate how much trash the entire school creates in that same year. Students were able to realize the massive amount of waste collected over time. They then collaborated with HMI Waste Warriors on ideas to reduce trash in their classroom. Students realized the need to make smart decisions to consume less, be aware of what materials can be recycled and reusing items. With thier new knowledge, the 3rd grade students are excited to share that they are working to ban styrofoam in their community. This lesson was part of curriculum developed by Cloud City Conservation Center aimed at educating the youth of Lake County about recycling, composting and waste diversion in the county. HMI students also celebrated Earth Day by studying glaciers. They observed the surrounding mountains for signs of past glaciations, learned about glaciology research methods, calculated mass balance, and discussed the implications of rapid glacial retreat. Grades 1-6 work with HMI’s Waste Warriors, two times a year, exploring different topics and reviewing previously learned skills. Margi Dashevsky, Science Faculty at High Mountain Institute