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Bringing the environmental movement to college campuses.

Earth Day Network is working to grow the environmental movement among the next generation of leaders – college students. MobilizeU is bringing the environmental education efforts to university and college campuses around the world. This higher education campaign, launched by Earth Day Network in 2012, aims to create an international network of concerned and active students and administrators passionate about creating a sustainable future for all. Since 2012 the network has recruited more than 500 US and 380 international colleges and universities.

MobilizeU has helped turn passion and people power into environmental action by connecting teachers and students with the tools they need to host teach-ins, organize cleanups, start sustainability clubs, and promote plant-based initiatives on their campuses and in their communities.

We recognize the power, innovative abilities, and organizing capacity of students across the planet. Harnessing this energy, we can unite around a common interest of environmental action and continue to work toward a healthier planet.

Organize your campus for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and we will help provide the resources as well as the inspiration from other campuses around the world.


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